What Not To Do when You are an Escort

While there are things that clients should not do with their escorts, London escorts also have their own share of “do not’s” when it comes to escorting in London. These rules need not to be framed in an escort’s bedroom for her to fully remind her. She should simply be aware that there are certain guidelines about the things that should not be done when an encounter is taking place.


Even if you are performing out-call with a customer, there are still guidelines you should follow, especially with males who pays you for sex.


Here are a few do not’s London escorts should remember when in an encounter:

  • Do not negotiate rates.

Any escort in London is worth her rate or price. As professional London working girls in the industry, you know that there is already a pre-determined rate before meeting up. Always feel free to talk about the prices on the first call. As a London client, you should ask if there are special rates. However, the amount being paid should be settled on prior to verifying an appointment. It’s an impolite attitude to start asking for discount rates or attempt negotiating the rate.


  • Do not negotiate for services offered or requested.

For London escorts, if you already set a price for, it’s safer to presume that you also have a set of services. However, there are times when participants request for other activities aside from the set of services you have. Make sure to make a list of your services and present before the meeting. This strategy has worked to prevent disruption during a booking for the girls at http://www.cityofeve.com/.


  • Do not forget to take a bath.

As professional London escorts, it’s your responsibility to look pleasing and attractive to your companion. Before meeting up with him, make sure that you have taken a bath, especially when you are coming from a previous meeting. All men want their London escorts to look and smell fresh, sufficiently shaved down there and follow the basic principles of proper hygiene. After the booking, take a bath again to take away all the sweat and bad smell you have obtained during the encounter.


  • Do not give a participant a “no-show” meeting.

Even though the London escorts business experiences a lot of raids and stings, people who want to have an appointment with London escorts a safe meet up and a good escort-client relationship. This is the reason most London escorts talk briefly when discussing services to you over the phone or through email. Do not give a no-show appointment.

always cover your back....

protection is a life saver always cover your back….

  • Do not refuse protection.

As professional London escorts, always be conscious of wearing protection during a booking. No matter what amount you have been paid, always be safe when it comes to sex. You can also put it on your profile or services, so that people knows it firsthand. If he asks you not to wear protection, then be firm that you want to have protection.


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Pages from a Call Girl’s Diary: Letters to Grant

Sunny was awoken by the beams of sunlight that crept their way into Grant’s bedroom. They pointed her to his sleeping body. She watched his chest rise and fall and wished that she could sneak her way into his mind so she could get lost in the colors of his dreams. She so desperately yearned to become the young woman that lived in his thoughts and dreams. She and that girl shared the same name and Grant’s affections, but she felt that between the two of them, it was that other version of herself that dwelled inside him was more deserving of his love.


phallic symbol

phallic symbol

The thought of quitting the escorts life had been considered, but what about the economic crisis could she really survive financially plus she knew that if she were to stop escorting those many lonely men, she would have to tell Grant. But she did not want him to know about her cheap London escorts persona, about the Sunny who closed her eyes when kissing other men so she could pretend that it was his lips that hers were touching. She was sure that he would be heartbroken and was more certain about it than any other thing. She could quit and find a day job but the shadow of her London escorts alter ego would always be stitched to her. She could quit but she would still be her.


She laid her lips upon his forehead before cradling her head into his chest and later burying her face in it. She felt the tears pushing their way out of her eyes, but she pleaded them to be patient and to wait until she was in her own bedroom. She could tiptoe out of his apartment but that would only make him like Darwin. He was not like those lonely men that she met in coffee shops. Grant was not a client, and she was not his escort


In her mind, she wrote Grant short love letters that she hoped would find their way and melt into sheets of scented papers. She decided she would make that happen when the time came that Grant would learn out her secret, her escorts persona, escorts lifestyle. She did not care that he would not want to read them or even open those envelopes. She knew that he would know that those letters were sent to him because she did truly love him.


That day loomed beyond her like sunrise loomed in front of the night, filled with stars or missing them. She felt the need to write that letter soon when the feelings that she had for him was welcomed by him. She struggled with how to tell him about the sincerity of her feelings towards him. That she was not an angel that he believed he was sent instead just a cheap escort. That she instead sold her soul to one. She longed to spend of the rest of her life whispering to his ear and holding his hand, taking day trips to London sites, bathing in the hot London sun on green grass, buying that crappy cheap ice cream from the vans that children loved so much, it always looked like so much fun when other couples did it, curling up to keep warm on those cold London nights.


She wanted to show him the scars of her soul. She longed him to take care of her. She was afraid to ask his forgiveness. She was unkind. She wanted to save him from herself.


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